7 Series: Food // Days 2-4

I have a confession to make. I’ve already technically broken a rule and had some chicken that was perfectly seasoned with paprika and garlic salt… when all I should have used was just an oil and a little salt and pepper. On Day TWO, people. Here is my story: last week I baked some chicken thighs for a paleo pad thai dish and the recipe called for that seasoning and so I saved the extra for this week, not thinking it through quite enough. I found myself at what felt like an impasse, of choosing between breaking a rule or being wasteful (it would not have kept until the end of the fast or frozen well and therefore needed to be tossed if not eaten, dang it). I’ve read through the whole book already and knowing that part of my mutiny will be against waste, I went ahead and just ate it… legalism be on your way. And uh, I really enjoyed my chicken.

I noticed something funny, that I didn’t feel the guilt that I expected to run after me all day afterwards. It was a matter-of-fact thing that I went to the Lord with, and came back with a decision that added to my experience of this fast, which was a greater appreciation for flavor and spices and especially an awareness of how much freaking food we have to be thankful for. I mean, I’m asking myself if I need to throw away some perfectly good food in order to follow the letter of the law. Yet the spirit of the law didn’t match throwing it out. It feels silly to be writing this out, but hey, this is where I found myself. (Anyone else do this type of thing in their head??) Later in the day I was eating an avocado with some salt and pepper, and the flavor was amazing, and I just savored it bite by bite, thinking about how much nutrition can be packed into one tiny piece of produce. This fast is making me slow down with my food and think it through and I’ve needed that. My taste buds are more alive, and so is my heart. There are some growing pains, but I’m kind of past the point of caring about that. Pain is just fine with me if I know there will be some good to come, kind of like going through labor. There is something good on the horizon that makes that level of pain worth it… but please Lord, let that good come soon… you know that prayer? Giving up food options down to only 7 is no where near that level of pain and I’m not even starving for goodness sakes, and there are children of God in this world who are literally dying because they don’t have the same access to food that I do. Now my question to myself is, what am I going to do about that?


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