A new venture on the horizon!

We have an announcement! NO, it’s not about pregnancy! Zak and I have decided to take on a new business venture together, and while a new company is rising as I type, Karey Michelle Photography will be officially closing its doors. I loved that company fiercely and it was my first baby as an entrepreneur, started back in 2006! I’ve learned an incredible amount about business, photography, and most importantly about myself during my time running KMP with many successes and failures along the way. The great news is I know this experience will only serve us and our future clients even better in our new direction as…

Staring Down the Sun Studios!

Yup, we stole our blog name. It’s just too perfect for us not to keep moving forward with as our new husband and wife, video and photography studio. Zak is getting too good at his video skills and has been the head brains behind SDFD’s new video department since he was put on light duty over three years ago. Since then, he’s had quite a few videography projects come down the pike for him as others have noticed his talent and it is time to make him legit!

As for me, I am narrowing my focus to family photography with a pinch of interior design, while also focusing on servicing corporate photography needs. They will probably have two different websites though, I will keep you posted. As you can tell, everything is in the works  still but we want to share the process with you since we are so excited about it. You’ll be kept in the loop as we move forward so hopefully you can be just as excited with us when the new website launches, right here! Crazy!

Thanks for reading, and definitely contact us if you have some ideas on what we can work on together. See you back here soon!



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March 9, 2016 - 9:09 pm

Dave - Congratulations!!!