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Shoulder Surgery for Zak is DONE

This last week on Monday, Zak went in for his much anticipated arthroscopic shoulder surgery down in San Diego…View full post »

Camp Beyond the Scars 2013

Another successful year of helping out at camp… check! Zak and I headed out towards camp in the San DiegoView full post »

We’re at Burn Camp!

It’s almost 1:45am on the last night of camp and let’s just say its normal around here to stay up that lateView full post »

Quick Zak Update

Zak *finally* got his appointment with the shoulder specialist and the news is its an official labrum tear, confirmedView full post »

A Trip to Big Sur and Zak’s Update

We started Week 14 of this pregnancy yesterday and so far so good. This last weekend over Father’s Day we headedView full post »

Where I started and where I am at.

I went through SDFD’s Fire Academy almost 4 1/2 years ago.  A month ago I injured my back at work and got a niceView full post »

Camp Beyond the Scars

This past summer Zak and I spent a week at camp working with the Burn Institute and their yearly Camp Beyond The ScarsView full post »