Making Room for Baby // Our New Cloffice!

We LOVE our home and its been the perfect size for us these past couple years, but the time has come to make some room for Johnny and start on his nursery so we needed to find a solution for my home office which currently takes up our extra bedroom. It’s my dream someday to move back into a studio (but this time in San Clemente) with a collaborative team in place but until that day comes again we needed to play some furniture tetris for where to put my workspace. We had a couple options so we went through a list and did some pros and cons to see where the best spot would be, while keeping in mind for the space to be childproof as well. Soooo…..


We settled on our hall closet that was previously for the vacuum and some winter coats, and just moved them into our master walk-in closet (why did I not do this sooner??). Then we hired an electrician to come and install an outlet ($165), and painted the walls in a soothing grey ($14.84). We knocked out the current particle board shelving to make space for the new tracking system ($46.18) which I got from inspiration over at this blog here… I loved the color of the stain on the wood and the industrial/rustic look of it all together. We got 4 pieces of common lumber and had them cut to size at Home Depot ($30.68). Even though the space is super small, I really wanted to love it and still feel inspired to work from the space so it was worth the extra time prepping to sand and stain it all. The desktop is just a piece of plywood ($17) from home depot that we had them cut down just a bit… the rest of the supplies we had on hand already.


The stain is Minwax Espresso and we just did one coat of stain and then did 3 coats of poly.


Zak was seriously amazing with everything he did, and I’m so thankful for his carpentry skills! He has been in physical therapy for the last 2 weeks and making significant progress on using his shoulder again, but he was definitely in a lot of pain throughout the project. Just goes to show how selfless and giving he is!


Once the shelving was ripped out he got the new shelving and desktop installed…


The Before and After, Ladies and Gents…


Zak drilled a 2.5 inch hole in the plywood for all of the cords to drop through. There is also another shelf under the desktop for the printer that Zak built too, using supplies we already had on hand. I found a lamp to mount on the wall from Ikea ($14) to save some desktop space. So, for a total of $287.70 we were able to get a much more efficient use of space. AND, when lil Johnny starts crawling I can just close the door and we’ll be good to go.


Not too shabby eh? I love it!! While I’m working on this blog post Zak is watching How I Met Your Mother, and I get to watch it too now since this cloffice is in the great room area 🙂 Happy day. Now, it’s time to start the nursery! We’ve got just over 2 months to go til we meet Johnny…


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October 15, 2013 - 8:18 am

Amy - This is totally amazing. I’m so copying!!!

October 17, 2013 - 12:03 am

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October 18, 2013 - 6:49 am

CoCo - Sweet baby Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome job!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!