Our ‘How We Met’ Story

Wait for it…. we met online thanks to eHarmony. We had hoped they would want to pitch in for our wedding [they didn’t] and maybe that would help us feel better for meeting online, but in all honesty we are just stoked we found each other. We always say that we couldn’t have dreamed the other up as good as we got it so thank you Jesus for answering our prayers in ways that we didn’t even know to ask for at the time! God’s timing is kind of perfect… and it’s really nice to be able to see it now and to know it was all worth the wait.

Karey had a picture in her profile of her in Papua New Guinea and since Zak grew up in PNG it’s needless to say that he was kind of stoked. It only took three days to get through the whole eHarmony process, and the next week we met up at church since we happened to go to the same one! Small world. Then Zak came to lunch with Karey and her friends to Chipotle and he did a great job surviving the twenty plus questions from the friends.

We had our first real date at the Chaparosa Grill in Laguna Niguel (the food was INCREDIBLE). We talked until we closed the place down and connected over music, photography, Papua New Guinea, and anything else you can imagine. We weren’t done talking so Zak drove us to Salt Creek for a walk along the beach, and then he came back to Karey’s apartment and we talked until 2 am.

Our second date is what we consider The Best Date Ever…. Zak picked Karey up and brought along a couple surprises: 2 disposable cameras, one for each of us, and a mixed CD. The rules: at least one of us has to be in the picture, 5 pictures must be taken before dinner, 5 pictures during dinner, and the rest are to be saved for after. We went to Eva’s in Laguna Beach (AMAZING caribbean food!! not to mention GUAVA cheesecake, Zak’s favorite!) and then went to the beach for a little photo shoot which had a rule where we had to use some props that he brought along… cowboy boots, a darth vader hat, elbow pads, and a guitar. Once we goofed around for awhile we talked some more on the beach until it was time for Zak to take Karey home. In case you are curious, this was the night of the first kiss. Awesome.

Third date: Surfing in SanO, hang out with Zak’s friends and Karey’s family.

Fourth date: Church the next morning and Zak meets both the parents. Oops. Surprise.

Fifth date: House show in LA and Karey meets Zak’s sister Amy.

Sixth date: Cinco de Mayo party at Zak’s and Karey meets some of Zak’s close friends for the first time.

Three weeks: Boyfriend and girlfriend.

Four weeks: I love you.

Three months: Ring shopping.

Three months and 23 days:  *She said YES.*

The END.


We mean…

the BEGINNING. Giddy Up.


[p.s. when you know you know. it never felt fast!]

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