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Happy Birthday Zak!

Our first time celebrating Zak’s birthday with lil Johnny…

Zak’s (1st) Quote: I’m Ghost like Swayze
Karey’s Quote: So Good, So Great, Am I Right, My Man, I’m Such a Big Fan

Johnny’s Quote: I pinched a kid in Reno just to see him cry


Happy Birthday Dad!

Thoughts on Stitch Fix and My Post Baby Body

You guys!! I was doing my usual Facebook check during a 2am nursing session a couple weeks ago and came across one of my super stylish friends recommending this service called Stitch Fix, and they were raving about their new clothes they had sent to them by a personal stylist. They had me at clothes sent to them. Wait, what??ย  Okay, I’m already in. Since these new post-pregnancy days make it a much different clothes shopping experience than I’ve ever known, having cute clothes sent to me in my size that I can even breastfeed in sounded like a dream come true.

I really wish I thought of this company, because the idea is pretty brilliant. I mean, going out shopping for clothes is just weird now. More like hard. I’m adjusting to my new body, I’m breastfeeding, and I have a newborn. Those three things are three strikes against a good or fun shopping experience which is a bummer, because wearing clothes that fit well and are cute can really help the whole postpartum thing. It’s kind of funny how before birth all my clothes were about accentuating the belly, and now after birth I feel more like hiding it. Don’t get me wrong, I know my body is in transition and it’s been less than two months since I popped a kid out so I need to give myself a little more grace with where I’m expecting my body to be, but when I go to my closet and my maternity clothes are too big and my pre-preggo clothes are too small its hard to feel okay about it all. I’m working on it and am back to exercising regularly which helps a lot, but that’s just the honest truth. These days I’m getting away with two pairs of black leggings, some breastfeeding tank tops from Target, and whatever sweater I can throw over myself as needed. Enter Stitch Fix.

Since I don’t have the brain power to find out what is cute these days, I figured I would give this Stitch Fix thing a shot. It was $20 to sign up, and if I choose to keep one of the five items they send me then I can credit that fee towards the final purchase. If I kept nothing, all I am out is $20. Sounded fair. I filled out my style preferences and gave them my new sizing, and made sure to mention in the notes that I am breastfeeding and would love some outfits that would work with that. They told me my “fix” would come on February 18th, and today on Saturday February 15th it was already on my doorstep. I opened it up like it was a Christmas present, and every option they sent was such a good find! I would have kept them all if they fit me right, but some fits for my new body were a bit off is all. I think that is a sign of how good the stylist did on picking things out that I would like, AND most would work for breastfeeding which was a huge plus. Here is what they sent me:

Abrianna Longsleeve Knit Cardigan by 41Hawthron. $48. Kept it.

Daumer Dot Print Cotton Button-up shirt by Kut From The Kloth. $28. Would have kept it if not too small.

Isaac Floral Print Tab-Sleeve Blouse by Sweet Rain. $58. It didn’t fit my shoulders quite right so I sent it back, but I loved it and wished it fit. I think it is so pretty. Plus, it had buttons for breastfeeding.

Tiffany lightweight Tribal Print Infinity Scarf by 41Hawthorn. $32. This is super similar to one I have already so I sent it back. It was meant to go over the grey sweater. The stylist nailed what I like.

Benzer Mixed Material Sweater by Kensie. $78. I LOVED this sweater. It hit me too short though and didn’t fit perfectly enough to justify me keeping it at that price. I wish it was just 3-4 inches longer.

They sent me the invoice which said I would get 25% off of the total price if I kept all 5 items. That would have been a $56 savings. It also included a sheet with detachable cards with recommendations on how to style each piece. So helpful for me, I loved the ideas!The upper right hand corner had a note from my stylist explaining why she chose each piece. I liked hearing the thought behind each one and I think she did a really good job. I just need to do a better job of filling out my sizing info for her.

I logged back into my account on Stitch Fix to give them my reasons for return, so that should help with the next one they send out as they will get more information to know what works best for me as time goes on. So, all that shared, if you decide to check them out from this link here, I will get a $25 credit if you sign up. Since I loved this service so much and think you will too, it is a win win ๐Ÿ™‚


An afternoon in the life

11am-12pm Baby sleeps in ergo, I must keep on the move or baby fusses. No nap for me. Maybe I should go on a walk to Peets Coffee? But baby might wake up and it could be a long walk home. I decide I should probably stay home and make some lunch since I usually forget to eat. Oh yeah I’m hungry now that I think about it.
12:00 Baby is still sleeping! Maybe he’ll stay down till it’s time for him to feed?
1:00 Baby wakes up from nap in a drunken stupor.
1:05 Nurse on left side.
1:20 Burp him while he exercises a hyena pitched cry in my right ear. He thinks I’ve taken his milk away for the rest of all his days on earth.
1:25 Nurse right side.
1:40 Baby seems satisfied. I buy it. I’m too tired to realize I shouldn’t.
1:45 Baby falls asleep in arms and I lean back on the couch. I forget why this is a bad idea.
1:55 I remember why this was a bad idea, baby has spit up all over me and I of course also forgot to have a burp cloth on hand.
1:56 Clean up baby, change diaper, change my clothes.
2:04 Grab supplies to start pumping, put baby in bouncer and pray it works to keep him busy.
2:10 Start pumping.
2:11 Baby starts fussing. Crap.
2:12 Use feet to help bouncer bounce. Play music… The new civil wars ep sounds good..
2:13ย  It’s too sad and baby cries. Find Johnny cash quick.
2:14 Baby looks like he might make it!
2:15 He starts fussing again.
2:16 Was that a smile?? He smiled!!
2:16 There’s the cry again. I bounce him some more.
2:17 I think I might make it to 10 minutes of pumping! I tell baby I think we can make it. He coos.
2:18 Not looking like I’m gonna make it. He’s fussy. Again.
2:19 Bounce baby bounce! He’s almost distracted enough and I’m begging him to hold it together
2:20 YES! Success!! Baby is starting to lose it as i put pumping stuff down. I make him a bottle with what I’ve pumped.
2:21 I get baby who thinks he is dying, and give him a bottle. He thinks I’m Jesus.
2:28 Bottle is out. Baby thinks world is ending again. Lots of hyenas in my ears.
2:29 I’m out of pumped milk so I make a bottle of formula with crying baby in my arms. I’m learning how to do things one handed much better than I ever have. I still have a lot to learn. His crying so hard makes me sad.
2:30 I turn on the faucet to clean his bottle and he stops crying. Miracle! One more important thing I forgot, he loves running water. I tell myself to please please please remember this. It’s futile.
2:37 Bottle is made. He’s not crying. Yay! Maybe he doesn’t need the formula and my milk was enough!!
2:38 Water is turned off. Baby cries hungry cry. World is ending. Dang it. At least I have the bottle ready.
2:40 Feed baby bottle. World is ok again.
2:48 Baby’s eyes start to get heavy. He’s eating heartily.
2:58 Satisfied baby for reals and he’s on his way to dreamland. Thank you Jesus! (I say this to the real one.)
3:28 Baby poops his pants most epically and wakes himself up.

[Deep breaths ensue and the countdown to Dad coming home is T-2 hours 32 minutes and 16 seconds…]

3:51 He’s asleep and cuddly and looking pretty dang cute, so I do what I do and take a picture. This is my favorite part, and I will enjoy it and await the next round.

February 14, 2014 - 1:11 am

Shannon - Haha, yep! I fully understand ๐Ÿ˜‰

6 weeks!

We made it to 6 weeks!! Friends kept telling us that once you make it to 6 weeks that we would start to get the hang of things, feel more like ourselves, and start to get a sliver of a sense of normal. At 5 weeks and 5 days I found that sliver… and I cried happy tears. Johnny slept through the night and paved the way for the best day yet! Although lets be honest, sleeping through the night for his age and weight means 5 hours at best but he did it! After nursing he slept another 4 hours after that, so by the morning I felt like a new person!! It really is amazing how little sleep you can survive on, and for someone who is used to getting 8 hours plus every night and in the last month I’m getting only 1-2 hours stints of sleep at a time… well lets just say the sleep was extremely welcome!

That day I was able to get myself presentable to the world and get Johnny in the car seat without a crazy fuss, and we headed over to Target. We were there all morning while we did some laps around the store, used our gift card on a bouncer that countless friends have been recommending (sure hoping it gives me some more hands free time so I can pump when I’m alone…), and I sat in their Starbucks with a coveted decaf soy latte and nursed Johnny away from home for the first time. SUCCESS! We went home for the rest of the afternoon, I got to take a nap, and then I brought him to my girls Bible study for the first time that night. I got a taste of normal life again and it tasted SO very good.

Johnny is getting more vocal these days and has some pretty cute cooing conversations going on, and is even getting more smiley on the regular! He is super strong and has been holding his head up since birth, and now is exercising standing on his legs on his own (with some help with the balance of course!). It’s so fun to see him grow and get more interactive and do more than just sleep, eat, and poop. He is just so stinking cute!

I mean…

I mean, SO cute. Ahhhh. 6 weeks. You guys are all right. It does get easier! Just don’t tell me its easy or I will probably lose it on you. Ha. ๐Ÿ™‚

Johnny by John Woods // Part II

Our first family photos!!

Thank you John!! Such a gift that we will forever enJOY!!

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