Primal/Paleo Bacon Wrapped Egg Muffin

Zak came home from work one morning and became husband of the year by hitting the kitchen and making me breakfast in bed inspired by some other baked egg recipes I had on Pinterest. He decided make it his own by frying some bacon till it was half way done, then using the bacon as the wrap for the egg in the muffin tin. He baked it with some goat cheese and salt and pepper, and then sauteed some bell peppers and onions in coconut oil to top it off. Um, it was AMAZING! Such good flavors together, and not to mention really pretty on a plate.

We started eating them before I thought about sharing this on here, but thankfully we had one left over! So before I devoured it, here was part of the process. Next time I’ll make sure to capture more so its easier to follow, but I’m sure you get the idea.

Definitely recommended, and it would work for ANY meal of the day. So good.




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